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What is UML Builder

UML Builder is a tool that allows you to easily install RPM based Linux distributions for use with User Mode Linux. Its goal is to be user friendly and give you the best distro experience possible. It has both command line and graphical interfaces.


1.50-3 Test release 10th October 2003

Look in zz-testbuilds for this release

Redhat 9 supported

All Caldera (now SCO) distributions removed

UML kernel versions from 2.4.19-5 (the year old UML RPM on the UML website) through to 2.6_test6 all work

Command line version lets you specify location of modules file and location of UML binary. The default is whatever linux is first in your path. The modules are /usr/lib/uml/modules-2.4.tar (or 2.5, 2.6 instead of 2.4 based on your UML version). UMLs that don't support modules are detected, and no modules.tar selected.

Initial ramdisks are now turned off by default. Unfortunately the building process executes a du command which wedges UML something rotten. I haven't been able to figure out what to blame and how to work around it yet.

The only remaining work is to figure out why du wedges UML while building the initial ramdisk

Walkthrough added 24th December 2002

Added a walkthrough showing simple steps for the first time you use UML Builder.

1.40-5 released 24th December 2002

Some Redhat 8.0 module descriptions fixed

Indexing is considerably quicker if you are using a Redhat 8.0 host

1.40-4 released 16th December 2002

Redhat 8.0 now works perfectly.

1.40-3 released 30th November 2002

Added Redhat Advanced Server 2.1 and Mandrake 9. Now up to 17 supported distributions. Note: Redhat 8 is currently not supported due to a bug in the version of rpm that ships with it.

Found and fixed a bug in Xnest that resulted in X programs crashing if the fonts in Xnest and in the real display didn't match. KDE was particularly prone to this.

Many other tidyups, fixes and minor features.

1.30-9 released 27th August 2002

Changed Redhat 7.3 profile so that you can install network tools and network server without dragging in the whole of X

Minor change due to ubd naming conventions on command line that would cause grief on 2.4.18-53um

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