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I stole this page's format and intro text from Jeff Dike, the primary author of user mode linux.

A number of people have helped this project in various ways, and this page gives recognition where recognition is due.

If you're listed here and you would prefer a real link on your name, or no link at all, instead of the despammed email address pseudo-link, let me know.

If you're not listed here and you think maybe you should be, please let me know that as well. I try to get everyone, but sometimes my bookkeeping lapses and I forget about contributions.


Jeff Dike gave the intial user feedback and encouragement, as well as made UML in the first place.


The Penguins gracing these pages and the splash screens are based on Larry Ewings' designs at

Christina Lee transformed them into the actual images here and in the splash screens.

3rd party components

The UML Builder RPM includes and depends on components from other parties. The builds of them are defined in files in the UML Builder source code.

  • XFree86 Xnest X server is packaged as an RPM in the UML Builder profiles directory, and automatically installed on each instance UML Builder creates
  • Diet Libc is linked statically into the two helper binaries syshalt and mkfile (in the UML Builder profiles directory). syshalt immediately stops a system, and is used to halt UML Builder instances while they are being generated. mkfile creates the files to be used as filesystems, and ensures they are created as sparse files.
  • Busy Box is included in the miniroot filesystem, and provides all the UNIX utilities (eg the shell, tar, ls cp etc).
  • The miniroot filesystem also includes several RPMS extracted from the Redhat 8.0 distribution. Amongst these are the GNU C library (glibc) and several filesystem packages (DOSFS, Ext2, Reiserfs)

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